Tuesday, August 27, 2013

For My Littlest Clients

As any photographer will tell you, photographing young children can be a challenge.  They wiggle and move and can sometimes forget to smile or look at the camera.  This is why, when I go out for a session with little ones, I'm sure to pack my bag with fun snacks, toys, and little things that make surprising sounds -- and can appear at any moment.  I'll do anything to make a young client smile, and that includes tying a helium balloon around my neck, like I did last week!  When photography is seen by children as an adventure in fun, my youngest clients will start suggesting poses or places, and I love when they get into it!

Prior to going out on a photography shoot with little ones, I read them a little story I wrote about The Adventures of Clifford the Camera.  We learn a little bit about cameras and their sounds and a lot about how smiles make for the best photographs.  Then we practice smiling together and practice looking at the lens of the camera when we smile.  I'm grateful how this experience builds rapport between me and the children so that the next hour we have together is fruitful.  :)

If you're a photographer and would like to purchase a bound copy of The Adventures of Clifford the Camera for $14.99 to use with your little clients, please email me at BlessedBePhotographyLLC@gmail.com.