Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Gear Essentials

In the Land of Parenthood, there are certain things that you just can't go without!  For us, one of our favorite pieces of baby gear is our backpack carrier.  We're getting a lot of good use out of it these days!  Liam loves being hoisted up onto Mommy or Daddy's back.

The backpack carrier is perfect for when we're navigating through crowds at a fair or the boardwalk.  And it's very useful when we're walking over terrain that just doesn't lend itself well to a stroller.  

It's perfect for downtown shopping, too.  I can zip in and out of shops without having to collapse and unfold a stroller -- or worry that anyone is going to take it.

When I'm desperate to get stuff done in the kitchen (and when little man isn't having any part of me putting him down), then I strap him to my back and get the job done with my little sidekick attached.

And what's also cool is that it works as a perfect "holder" for Liam if there's nobody else around to keep him contained for a moment.  Instead of setting our boy down and watching him crawl away within seconds, this free-standing backpack can keep him contained on the ground while I unload the car or do something else that would otherwise require the use of three arms.

Thank you, little blue backpack carrier, for making our lives easier!!