Thursday, August 22, 2013

To the Beach We Go!

Nothing beats heading to the beach!  And Ocean Grove is particularly sweet to us, so that's where we all went earlier this month.  We packed up our gear and hit the sand! 

On this day (August 4, 2013), our boy saw and experienced the ocean for the first time!  He was scared and held onto me tightly, so we didn't push him to do any more than what he wanted.  But, frankly, I treasured his sweet tight grip on me!  We sat together on the water's edge for a long time and watched the waves come in and tickle our toes.

Cousins have fun together as we wait for breakfast to be served.

Addie loves Liam!

Aunt Jen helps Liam fight off the paparazzi!

Can you believe we got front row parking?!

Ready to ride in Mama's backpack!

First family photo with the ocean!

Second family photo with the ocean!

His piggies experienced the sand and the Atlantic for the first time!

feeling safe in Daddy's arms

Enjoying Addie's chair when she wasn't looking!

a tiny souvenir I brought home for him to remember his first beach trip

What immense fun we had.  We can't wait to take Liam back to the beach!