Friday, August 23, 2013

Learning How It All Began

Whenever he nurses, Liam always seems to play with my engagement ring.  When he first spots it on my hand, his precious eyes will widen with joy, and then his sweet little fingers will pick at the diamond and playfully twirl the ring around my finger.  I love this little routine.

I always explain to Liam how that ring is very special because Daddy gave it to me when he proposed marriage.  And then I explain to Liam how Daddy gave me a second ring on our wedding day to symbolize our wedding vows. 

Liam may not understand everything I'm telling him about marriage, rings, and vows, but I think he does understand when I tell him that he has the very best Daddy of all.  I picked the very best man out there to be his Daddy, I'll tell him.  And he always seems to smile.

Today, however, Liam wanted to hear more of the story.  He asked me to please describe our wedding ceremony in great detail, and he asked me to leave nothing out.  How touching!  So, instead of reading The Alphabet Book this afternoon, we looked at Mommy and Daddy's wedding album.  :)

He had a lot of questions, but I think I answered them all.  :)