Saturday, August 24, 2013

Visiting Britta for Her Birthday!

Earlier this month, Liam and I drove to Maryland to celebrate Britta's birthday! We began our day with daily mass in a little chapel dedicated to Our Lady.  It was so enjoyable that I told her we ought to begin each of our days together this way!

Then we went and browsed the fun shops downtown...

Her wonderful husband Steve treated us to lunch out, so we feasted on roasted brussel sprouts as an appetizer and delicious burgers as our main course!  So yummy.  :)

Afterward, we went back to the house for the opening of gifts, and then--as if we were back in high school--excitedly went through her wardrobe together, picking out what she should wear on her hot date that night with the hubs. 

However, there was a new challenge to overcome in that task:  there were now three wiggly, moving, playful boys scurrying around at our feet, pulling clothes from piles, making us drop jewelery, and producing loud sounds which caused Britta and I to have to nearly yell to hear one another. 

Ah, the happy chaos of life with little boys!  We love it so...

Liam, Xavier, and the Lukester!