Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Baby Mania Class!

This was us this morning at the library, enjoying Baby Mania (a mix of music, playtime, and storytime) with other cuties and their mamas.

Oh, what fun we had!

So what were my two favorite moments of the class, you wonder?  I'll be happy to share.  :)

My second favorite moment of the class was when Liam jumped into the middle of the circle to better see the pages of the book that the teacher was reading (because, as you can see, we got there late and had a side view of the teacher which didn't lend itself well to book-looking).

Anyway, the story was rhythmic and musical and--right there, in the middle--our boy started wiggling perfectly to the rhythm of the song we were singing, making all the other mamas smile.

But my ultimate, top-favorite moment of the class?

It was when our eyes met, with him there in the middle still, and I silently (and somewhat sternly) motioned him for him to come back immediately to my lap...WHICH HE THEN DID!  I couldn't believe it, and I was thrilled.  My little boy had understood my silent signal, and he obeyed!!

Let's hope it's always this easy.  :)