Monday, September 09, 2013

In Line for Storytime

Good morning and happy Monday, everyone.

This was us this morning, standing in line outside of our local library, feeling a bit groggy, as we snacked on Cheerios and awaited the blessed opening of those double doors.

All the stay-at-home mamas in the neighborhood were up and out with their little cherubs on this chilly September morning, clamoring to get their kids into Storytime.  And Storytime, you see, is a big deal.  Today was Registration Day, and some mamas had been waiting all year for it.

Liam wanted to sleep in this morning (of course!), so I let him go as long as he could before I had to scoop him up in his airplane jammies and load him into the car seat.  There wasn't even time to change his diaper!  But don't worry.  He had already been up for a feeding at 6 AM, and I gave him a brand new diaper then.

We had 20 minutes to stand out in the chilly cold before the doors opened and it was a mad rush to the registration table.  Quick!  Grab a pen!  Grab a form!  Fill it out and hand it in!

It was a happy pandemonium of rushing feet, crying children, library cards, sippy cups, and questions of, "Did we make it?  Are we in?"

And, Praise God, we did.  The next 12 weeks of Storytime are going to be so much fun!