Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Liam's First Birthday Party Pictures

Here's a few more photos from Liam's wonderful birthday weekend!  Thank you to my dearest friend Britta for taking most of them!

The affection shared between Great Grandma and Great Grandson is precious!

Handsome Luke!

Airplanes everywhere!

Do you recognize this sign from one year ago in our hospital room?  When I made it, I hoped to get use of it both then and on his first birthday!  And I thankfully remembered!

I had so much fun planning a plane-themed party!  Too bad I didn't get this brainstorm until two days before the event.  Otherwise, I would have booked a small party room in our local airport!

Little plane favors for the kids

His eyes are on the airplane overhead!

Luke is so excited to be celebrating his best friend's birthday!

The beautiful Maeve, staying cool in the heat!

Playing a classic game of corn hole!

Learning to play golf...

Michael bought this vintage airplane over in Austria when he lived in Europe.  What a perfect decoration for our vintage plane-themed party!

meals for our littlest guests

To go with our theme of vintage airplanes, the favors for the kids were little travel suitcases with hotel stickers, filled with bubble toys inside!  Each child also took home a little wooden airplane kit.

playing Twister with an invisible mat!

I was so impressed with the cake!!  I'll be writing a big thank-you note to our baker and cake designer!

My parents found these adorable foam airplanes on the clearance rack at Kmart.  They were the only planes we could find in a 20-mile radius that weren't the ones from the Planes Disney movie!

Enjoying my squeeze time with the Lukester!

We served a mix of hot sandwiches, chips, and pickles from one of our favorite restaurants.  Michael made a delicious pasta salad, and I chopped up TONS of fresh fruit!

My parents brought many fans to keep us all cool!  Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Natalie got a good workout running around!  :)

A hole-in-one for Luke!  Yeah!!

Liam eats cake and icing for the first time in his life...and suddenly discovers the amazing, enticing World of Dessert!

We wore the little guy out!  A tuckered little boy falls asleep in Grandma's arms...

Greg and Juliana have fun tossing rolls of toilet paper into a toilet seat!

To go with our theme of red, blue, and vintage airplanes, I had a little station for "Airmail," where guests could write a note to Liam for his baby book!

Oh, how I couldn't WAIT to proctor the Liam Quiz!!

Marc and Jenny wore perfect colors that day!!

Britta and baby Luke sat with Greg, Michael, Juliana, and our neighbors Emma and Mike!

Jennifer, Dad, Marc, Jenny, Terry, Cindy, Maeve, Natalie, and Mom!

Noah, Karly, Kathy, Blaine, and Aunt Maryann!

My Uncle Rich, Aunt Carolyn, and Aunt Paula!

Our youngest guest:  8-days-old Noah!

Paul, Kerry, and their adorable boys:  Scott, Austin, and Noah!

Everyone working on the Liam Quiz...

Michael helping his sister to CHEAT!!

Dad taking the task very seriously...

Everyone was so focused that it got silent!

How many teeth does Liam have?  Scott came up with a great way to find out.  He got Liam to smile and counted what he saw!

Grandpa felt very confident in his answers!

The Smash Cake

And a cake for Michael's father who turns 63 on September 5!

The birthday boy celebrating on his actual birth date with Grandma and Grandpa!