Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Such a Good Boy

I am always telling Liam that he is such a good boy! 

There are so many natural virtues that I see within him that I want to help cultivate, grow, and bloom.

A new, beautiful expression of his faith has emerged in the last two months, and this week it is happening almost every day.

When he wakes and is ready to start his day, he points to the crucifix on the wall, squeals joyfully, and says, "Dada!" repeatedly. 

Today we even had to take the crucifix down from off the wall so that we could touch Jesus.  How precious!  Our boy seems to know Who his Heavenly Father is.

At daily mass today, he waved to three people that he recognized:  Jesus on the alter, St. Joseph on our right, and Mary on our left.  After everyone cleared out, we walked around the church to get a closer look.  His little, extended, waving arm and high-pitched joyful squeals are perfect preciousness to me!  The faith of a child is so beautiful.

And, as is our daily ritual, Father O'Blaney comes over after mass to scoop him up and say hello, and my little pajama-clad boy goes crazy with excitement when father comes our way.  So cute!  And such a good boy.  :)

Another "good boy" trait that I love about Liam is his natural sense of alerting me to things. 

When he's about to put in his mouth a little piece of a twig or a leaf or something that is on our floor, he hesitates and looks back at me, as if to indicate that he isn't sure that what he's about to do is right.  I'm grateful that he slows down and looks at me because I need those extra seconds to leap off the couch and help him make the right decision.

Today, while I sat on the couch blogging and he played at my feet, Liam crawled over closer and stood up beside me with a piece of cheese hanging out of his mouth.  He wanted to show me that he had found a small sliver of cheese on the floor, which was surely several days old.  I couldn't believe that he had such a thing!  I was so grateful that he brought it to my attention, and I immediately removed it from his mouth.  He's a good little boy, and we want to keep him safe!