Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Our First Class as a Family of Three

Happy Wednesday evening to you, dear readers!

This was us tonight, going to our first Storytime class at the library as a family of three!

How blessed we are to have a Daddy who wants to be a part of his son's education.

This was the only evening class available at the library, and we were so grateful to get in because it allows Daddy to go with us!

Daddy rushed home from work to get here just in the nick of time!

The plan was that I would cook up dinner, pack up dinner, and then serve up dinner on the library lawn.

But packing a picnic basket is an extra challenge when you must also remember to pack things like a wiggly one-year-old, a portable high chair, a pair of oven mitts to lift the hot cooking dish in and out of the basket, serving utensils, sharp knives that cut meat well, three tumblers of drinks, a wet rag to clean off baby's mouth and hands, a bag for trash, a big enough blanket for the three of us, and...well, the list continues.

And the list was continuing and continuing in my little head until I realized that preparing for this jaunt had already taken TWO HOURS and--because of things like diaper changes, impromptu necessary baths, and please-Mommy-can-I-breastfeed-for-a-bit-longer-than-usual-today, there still wouldn't be enough time for me to change my smashed banana-stained shirt and brush my teeth.  Sigh.

But I assure you that I DID have a cute pair of new socks on our boy as well as an adorable striped hoodie to keep him warm, but somehow both disappeared from his person when we both joyously threw up our arms in surprise when Daddy walked in the door instead.

"I saw the car still here at the house and figured I'd just come in," he said, just before kissing me.  He caught me half-dressed in the kitchen, with Liam corralled in the playpen, looking up at us from the basement, where I had just gone to grab stuff from the drier.

"Are you going to help me load the car?" I asked in desperation.

"Nah, let's just eat at home," he suggested, and that's probably about the time when Liam's socks and hoodie disappeared because we were both so THRILLED with the prospects of NOT having to cart all these things out the door that we kinda lost track of ourselves.  :)

Together we ate a quick but peaceful meal.  And, by the time we were in the car, I had on a clean new shirt and freshly brushed pearlies.  Thank you, Michael!!