Monday, October 21, 2013

An Update on Elmination Communication

Many of you have been asking me for updates on Liam's use of the potty!  I am so happy to report that things are going well for him!

Liam continues to communicate with me so that I am able to have the potty nearby when he is ready to poop.  And, when he is finished and sees his results, the proud smile that washes over his face tells me that it's appropriate for us to continue.

However, I confess:  I'm not following all the rules of the Elimination Communication philosophy.  For example, I'm not making "Psssss!" sounds when he's urinating, and I don't grunt when he's pooping.  Sure, some might say it's wise to pair a sound with an action so that it can become a communicative tool for later when he's older, but I'm disinterested.  There's no way that I want to make those sounds when we're in a public restroom, and I will never force Liam to produce on command.

Instead, I try to foster a sense of calm, relaxation, and awareness of body. We read a book together while he's on the potty, but we pause frequently when his focus turns inward.  I wait until he tells me to turn the page and keep reading.  I wait until he tells me that he's finished, and only then do we stop reading, get up, and celebrate.

And although his communication usually involves his need to go #2, today he communicated successfully the need to go #1, both before and after his bath!  Amazing.  :)

And here's a funny thing:  When Liam isn't using the potty, he prefers that the seat be removed from the base.  So, after washing it, if I place the potty down on the floor fully assembled, he always takes the time to disassemble it before moving on to play with his toys.  So funny!