Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I was just minding my own business. 

Honest, I was.

We had just finished breakfast, and Liam was gearing up to watch his daily Sesame Street episode.  I figured I could sit down for a moment.

So I sprawled out on the couch, admiring my $1.97 boyfriend-cut jeans.

Unsuspecting as I was, I didn't realize what Liam was up to.  I closed my eyes.

He crawls up to me, notices a bit of my belly visible above my belt line, face-plants his head onto it, and then blows air out of his mouth to make a loud ZERBERT! sound on my skin.

The whole thing caught me off-guard, and I jumped up, propelled by laughter.

His happy little face and eyes said, "Paybacks!" as he crawled away.

And for all these months of blowing zerberts on his baby belly, I suppose I deserved to get a dose of what I dish out!