Monday, October 21, 2013


Good morning, and happy chilly Monday to all of you.

It's a frosty 61 degrees in our home right now.   The heater broke last night, and so we all slept tucked under thick afgan quilts made by my grandmother and mother.

Today Liam is getting great use out of his new North Face fleece, which Grandma and Grandpa Goddard just happened to give him at dinner last night as a surprise gift.  Who knew that we'd be putting it to use so soon!  Polartec to the rescue!

Hot chocolate is warming up right now in a pot on the stove, and you can be sure we'll have soup and crackers for lunch today!  As we wait for the repair man to get here, Liam opened his toolbox and started hammering everything in sight, in the hopes of maybe fixing things.

(Keep trying, little buddy!  I'm still freezing!)