Monday, October 21, 2013

Time with Jesus

We just got back from Adoration across the street.  Liam and I prayed for our family members' specific intentions, the intentions given to us by friends, and our beloved canine family member Macy.  We prayed for good health and happiness for everyone.

We sat in the front this time, since this Adoration time slot was entirely ours.  As part of our parish's 40 Hours Devotion this week, there is more opportunity to spend time alone with Jesus.  We were the first to sign up for the day, so we had our pick of times.  :)

So, in the quiet of our church, we kept company with Him, nibbled on cheese occasionally, flipped through some board books, and randomly offered up little baby sounds to remind Him that we were there.

On departing, Liam waved good-bye, but not before offering God a piece of cheese, just in case He should want any.  :)