Saturday, October 05, 2013

Hooray for Great Finds!

I love big children's consignment sales.  In our area, they happen twice a year at a big expo center, allowing me to stock up on things for the next 6 months ahead.

Liam was, as always, the most patient little shopping companion.  While hauling a wagon behind me, I had him strapped to my back for TWO HOURS, as we stood in the registration line; weaved through the crowded aisles of clothes, toys, and moms with huge bags; and then stood in the mile-long checkout line.

We had gotten into the sale early and before the general public, since I had signed up to be a volunteer worker in the days ahead.  So for now, we were shopping beside other mamas who were in the same boat, although all of them must have left their little cherubs at home.  I was the only mama with a little companion.  Yes, these were serious shoppers that surrounded us.  The stakes were high.

Everyone kept remarking on his pleasant personality, despite the conditions.  What a tease it must have been for a child to see literally thousands of toys sprawled out, but all of them out-of-reach for him?  We mothers were examining and handling the toys, but my precious boy could not get them in his grasp!  But, oh, he was great.  He reached and he tried, but he did not get upset.

There was an expanse of carpet that I know his little legs would have loved to crawl over.  But, no, he needed to stay right where he was on my back was because Mama's hands were full!  Despite all this, he kept waving and smiling to everyone we walked past.  Thank God.

Perhaps he knew that his patience would pay off.  Mom was in search of just a few things, and if he had distracted me with cries or forceful wiggles or even a dirty diaper, I would have lost focus, time, or both.  And pre-sale shopping with other mamas is a serious sport that can be cut-throat.

But, God-be-praised and Liam-be-thanked, we got what we needed and even found the item that was sitting at the top of our list, a hopeful dream now come true!

To celebrate our favorite find and to reward Liam for his incredible patience, we spent 40 minutes in the parking lot enjoying his new tricycle before we departed for home.  Liam says it was well worth the wait.  :)