Sunday, October 06, 2013

See You in the Pumpkin Patch

Today we spent our October afternoon in a pumpkin patch! 

We met up with Michael's brother Terry, his wife Cindy, and their adorable girls, Maeve and Natalie.

Our goal was to pick the perfect orange pumpkin to grace our doorstep this season.  And we decided to give our little Liam the choice of the entire patch.  Oh, what fun!  His little blue boy eyes widened with glee.

An old-fashioned, tractor-pulled hay ride would get us from the farm entrance to the back pumpkin patch.  Amid the wide expanse of curly green vines and orange pumpkins, there were bales of hay to climb and a big industrial farm tube to slide down.

After working up a sweat, we cooled off with a frosted apple cider snow cone...and then warmed up with a hot apple fritters.  Back at Cindy and Terry's house, we feasted on homemade calzones and homemade gelato, topped with homemade cookie crumbles, homemade ganache, and homemade carmel.  Yum, yum, yum!

Here are a few pictures of this blissful day.  Thank you, Cindy and Terry, for making memories with us that we will never forget!

A husband who offers to carry his wife's handbag is a keeper!

Maeve and Natalie run through the pumpkin patch with excitement!

This is the pumpkin he decided on.  :)

And when we said OK to keeping it, he was thrilled!

I love seeing the love that these three cousins have for one another!

See the big black plastic tube above our heads?  That's the slide that Michael went down!

How blessed we are to have the company of family!

This area offered an array of food, face painting, games, and the chance to make your own scarecrow by stuffing clothes with hay!

Michael insisted on buying pellets to feed the animals at the petting zoo!

And the llama loved him!

Liam pointed and pointed until I finally discovered that he wanted me to set him down on this big log that he had seen off in the distance.  It made for the perfect bench...and the perfect picture!

Too Cool

"On your mark, get set, go!"

Our favorite pumpkin in the patch!

What a great end to our weekend.