Friday, October 04, 2013

Planning a Little Boy's Bedroom

Since Liam loves airplanes so much, I am pondering this set for when the nursery turns into a little boy's bedroom.

However, then I begin to worry:  If Liam grows up in a room full of airplanes, won't it cause him to ASK for his first flight a little sooner than later?

And his Daddy, who was formerly in the Air Force, will love to take our boy up in the air for the experience.

Mama, however, would be beside herself with fear and would do everything in her power to delay such an event until Liam is much, much older.

So the thing I weigh in my heart is this:  Is the benefit of this cute vintage airplane decor worth the risk of the inevitable desire of him to fly when I believe he will be much too young to?  Hmm...

Perhaps nature has a way of working itself out anyhow.  In the last few weeks, Liam has had less interest in airplanes, his passions replaced by a newfound interest in SQUIRRELS!!

So maybe we'll do a woodlands theme instead.  :)