Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Strongly Dislike.

I still hate my short hair.  I mean no disrespect to my very awesome hair stylist or my dear husband who suggested it, but rockin' a pixie is just not what I can do.

I've made this mistake twice in my life, and this time was hopefully my last.  Every day, I talk to my mop, begging it to please grow more quickly so that I can have my long locks back.  I miss tying up a pony tail.  I miss letting it down.  I miss it framing my face or swooping down over my forehead.  I won't get to wear a big, thick braid this Autumn, although--to be fair--I should admit that I've never done one in the past.  But still.  Long hair means I could have one if I wanted to, right?

I'm limited.  Limited with length.  Limited with options.  Oh, grow, baby, grow!!