Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Our Boy Sees His First Stage Performance!

This month, Michael treated us to a performance at Sight & Sound Theater.

He wanted Liam to see Noah, which we heard was an impressive showing of the Biblical story, complete with tons of real animals, walking through the aisles and up onto the stage.

I hesitated at first, when Michael suggested the outing.  We have a 13-month-old son, after all.  Asking him to sit through a 2.5-hour performance would be impossible, right?

But Michael reminded me of our tendency to underestimate what Liam is capable of. 

"He always surprises and impresses us," Michael said.  And I knew he was right.

So we booked tickets for a matinee, and grabbed second-row seats, nearest the aisle.  We hoped that this vantage point would help our short little guy to see easily.

The performance was AMAZING.  Liam sat on the EDGE of his seat my lap the entire time.  He took it all in, his little boy body all focused, engaged, observant, and quiet, except for a few times where the impressive animals evoked from him happy arm-waving and squeals of joy.

During the 15-minute intermission, we changed his diaper, offered him snacks, and found an expanse of carpet on which he could crawl.

When the show was over, I felt like we had about 15 people come up to us and tell us how impressed they were with Liam's behavior.  Prior to the show, they had said nothing to us, and this perhaps was because everyone was afraid that a little one in the audience might cause some noisy trouble.

But our boy did great, and the compliments from these strangers made us swell with parental pride.  Liam smiled and shook hands with these people as if he were an actor from the show.  As we walked out to the parking lot, we called both sets of grandparents to share the good news of our boy's exemplary behavior.  :)

Then we splurged on a turkey dinner from a touristy farm-restaurant next door.  See the big tan building in the background of this photo?  That's the epic Sight & Sound Theater, jutting up into the skyline.  :)

If you'd like to see a performance of Noah, you can buy your tickets here!