Sunday, October 13, 2013

Tonight's Shopping Spree

I love my husband.

Tonight he insisted on us going on a little shopping spree.

It wasn't because we had extra cash to burn.  No, no, no.  Instead, it was because he's noticed how--over the course of the last several months--I'm always wearing a dress when he's wearing jeans or I'm wearing a skirt when he's wearing jogging pants.  We haven't been able to coordinate ourselves at all for weekend outings.

Is it that I have a desire to dress up on the weekends more than he does?  Possibly, I suppose.  Most of the time I'm wearing the attire of a stay-at-home-mama, which is usually pajamas (or sweatpants, if we go out), since I don't get my daily shower until Daddy gets home.  So, getting "dressed" is a special treat for me!  (Whereas, for the father of the household, who normally wears starchy dress shirts and leather shoes, such formalities on the weekends are absolutely forbidden!)

But, really, that's not the reason I've been dressing up.  The real reason, I've gently reminded him, is that none of my jeans fit.  You see, we made the mistake of discarding all of my pre-pregnancy jeans (except for one pair) back when Liam was 9 months old and I was sure that I wasn't going back to my pre-pregnancy size.

But then, Glorious Month Eleven got here, and suddenly -- BAM! -- my pre-pregnancy body was back.  And, oh, how this made me miss my collection of favorite jeans! 

As we strolled through the mall tonight, I gasped at how BEHIND I am in current fashions.  I mean, I knew this before, but it really hit me tonight.  And you know what else hit me?  I am perfectly OK with it.  :)  I have other, more exciting interests these days.  Liam is chief among them.  :)

So I picked out four pairs of jeans tonight that I liked, with my little family watching me.  Then all three of us and the stroller squeezed into the dressing room (because, strangely, gender-specific dressing rooms have become a thing of the past).  And, after a brief fashion show and some cuddly nursing time with Liam, we headed to the register and encountered the most delightful surprise of all!

Brand new jeans for a mere fraction of what they'd be on consignment!  Life is good.  :)

And Michael was thrilled.