Saturday, October 12, 2013

Going Bananas Over Bananas!

Our boy sure loves bananas.  In fact, I think they are his favorite food, followed by green peas, as a close second.  He gobbles both up like popcorn!

As soon as he wakes up, Liam is ready for a whole banana.  If I offer other foods, he will point repeatedly to the bananas on the counter, and if there are none, he cries!

I have learned the hard way to always keep bananas abundant in this household.  When we walk to the food store, I let Liam pick out the biggest bunch he can find. 

My mother used to always warn me that bananas could be constipating.  For months, I tried so hard to limit his intake to a half-banana a day or to at least skip a day in between full bananas.  But, I've since given up.  Liam is just too crazy about them!

My parents found the perfect book for Liam to read each morning at breakfast.  The book is called Bananas! and it tells the story of a monkey's adventures in the jungle with vibrant pictures and the repeated use of only one word:  Bananas!

Our boy has clearly gone bananas over bananas!  And I can feel confident that he is not deficient in potassium!  :)