Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Let's See How You Do

Happy Wednesday, everyone.

With the warm weather now certainly behind us, it's time to truly reflect on Summer 2013 fashion.  Let's test your Fashion Observation Powers (FOP) with the following quiz:

Summer 2013 Fashion Quiz

1. Which TWO of the following geometric patterns embodied the Summer of 2013?

A.  Gingham
B.  Stripes
C.  Argyle
D.  Chevrons

2.  What was THE color for the Summer of 2013?

A.  Lime
B.  Yellow
C.  Emerald
D.  Plum

3.  What was the THEME which inspired the fashions of the Summer of 2013?

A.  Patriotic
B.  Academic
C.  Bohemian
D.  Nautical

Good luck, readers!  Submit your answers to and the first person with the correct answers will win a $10 gift certificate to one of my favorite places.  :)