Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Liam's First Data Plan

You won't believe this!

Infantino, a popular brand of baby gear, now makes cellular phones for little ones!

Yes, they've branched out from just making cute baby carriers and toddler toys.  They're ready to provide our young ones with wireless technology!

And while these may not be "smart" phones, they are intelligent.  I just heard Liam's phone translate the caller's voice into Spanish!

Although Liam has been asking for a cell phone since the day he was born, we figured we should wait until he was at LEAST a year old.

And, now that he's 14 months old and able to handle the responsibility, we decided to go ahead and purchase the data plan, which includes unlimited text, talk, and Internet.

So...did we have to sign a contract and is there a monthly payment?  Amazingly, no.  There's just a one-time start-up fee of $8.95.  Activation was immediate.  It syncs with our wireless network, and the device recharges itself automatically every evening.  I'm impressed!

So, if your child is friends with my son, get ready to be asked begged for one!