Friday, November 15, 2013

That Cross and No Tears

We're on day two of Liam's Adventures with the Little Wooden Cross that He Never Puts Down.

He crawled out to the living room looking for it this morning.  When he found it sitting on the couch, he joyously held it up in the air and squealed.  Then he proceeded to crawl to the kitchen for breakfast, albeit a bit lop-sided since his front little paw had something in it.  :)

He held onto that little wooden cross as I fed him yogurt.  He held it while I took my shower.  He held it during this morning's Sesame Street episode.  He held it as he pooped on the potty.  And he held it tightly as a nurse gave him his second booster flu shot today.  Ouch.

Speaking of that, God-be-praised, today we found our favorite nurse!  Her name is Crystal, and she appeared quite ordinary at first; we had no idea what was coming.

I had a small knot in my stomach, nervous for my babe to endure the pains of yet another shot, which usually afflict him with terrified cries and a bright red face, even though these both thankfully pass quickly.

But today, we were in for a surprise.  Crystal had it all planned out.  She insisted that Liam remain on my lap, she casually chatted with me about her long purple gel nails, and she spoke to him with a sense of dignity that relaxed his little body in my arms.  To keep him warm and comfortable, she asked that he remain sitting upright and that we only briefly expose the tiny piece of skin on his thigh that was needed. 

As I began to offer my help, she assured me that there was no need to restrain his arms or to remove the little wooden cross from his hands.  And then:  she EXPLAINED herself to him.  She told Liam what she was going to do with the pointy needle, and she explained that it would only pinch for a second.  

I tell you, he understood her!  This is the first time that a health care professional had ever taken the time to give my son the dignity of an explanation before the action, and (consequently) this was the first time in his life that he ever took a shot without crying!  I could not believe it!

He kept his eyes on her, and as soon as it was finished, she happily told him so, and he smiled right at her!  I was AMAZED.  I was so proud of him, and so thankful of her!!

Earlier this month, we transferred our files to an award-winning pediatric office.  It's not that we had a bad experience with our former pediatric office; but, when you hear of something being exceptional and local, a parent can't help but want it for their child!  We are so blessed by this change!

As our day continued, Liam held on tightly to that little wooden cross.  We ran errands, and he carefully guarded it the whole time.  Only when it was lunch time did I manage to gently convince him that the little wooden cross would be safe on the counter (and in his view) while he ate. 

For him, an acceptable trade-off was the little plastic statue of Our Lady, who lovingly looked upon him as he ate his peaches.  But, as soon as he had his fill, he was pointing and vocalizing for that little wooden cross -- so back into his arms it went!

And the little cross went with us out to dinner tonight when Michael and I met up with my former supervisor and colleague.

What a blessed day.  And now for two leisure days with my husband!!  Happy weekend, everyone.