Friday, November 15, 2013

The Cross that He Carries

I wish you could see him right now.

That wooden cross, tightly held between his sweet little fingers.  His precious eyes, closed and dreaming.  His countenance, angelic.  The rest of him, warm and tucked beneath a yellow blanket.

He held onto that wooden cross for the last 8 hours, minus the few times he put it down to eat dinner, take a bath, and give Grandmom long hugs.

My baby boy is asleep now, but what a day we had.  At the little one-room Catholic gift shop that my friend Angela took us to today, we encountered the cross -- and Liam began holding it ever since.

He kisses the cross--just like I taught him to do with the cross on a Rosary--and, in my rear view mirror, I saw him doing so, unprompted, several times on the drive home.

Even during a walk through a park this afternoon and grocery shopping tonight, our boy joyfully held onto the cross he was given.

May God help us all to carry our crosses so joyfully!