Monday, November 11, 2013

The Daddy Game

Daddy took the day off of work on his birthday.  What an excellent thing to do.  This meant that, after a decent sleep-in, Liam and I could wake up and honor Daddy with a happy birthday banner, some home-made cards, and a few home-made gifts, our favorite being this fun board game, full of Daddy trivia.

Thanks to Britta for making these adorable hand-painted game pieces of us!
The premise of the game was that, if you landed on a space with Daddy's picture, you had to correctly answer a question about him in order to earn a point.  Ironically, every time we rolled the die, someone landed directly on a spot with Daddy's picture.  :)

And since Daddy was a competitor in the game and ought not to get an unfair advantage simply because he knows himself, Liam and I made sure that the question cards we made contained trivia questions that even Daddy might not know the answers to.

Things like, "How much money is in Daddy's wallet right now?" and "How many pairs of clean underwear are currently in Daddy's dresser drawer?" were things that even he did not know (but which we could check right away).

Michael loved the silly simplicity of our Daddy-honoring game more than I expected, and I was thrilled.  From it, I learned which household chore is his favorite (mowing the lawn) and which is his least favorite (washing the dishes).  We learned that he faces us (and North) when he sits down at his desk each day.  We were able to correctly list the foods that give Daddy diarrhea.  We learned that there are exactly 137 photos of Liam on his phone.  And we agreed to disagree on which direction (North, South, East, or West) he was facing when he proposed to Mommy.  :)

What fun.  :)  Happy 33rd birthday to the best husband in the world!