Friday, November 29, 2013

Wyatt's is Baptized in Christ!

Our adorable nephew Wyatt was baptized on the feast day of St. Elizabeth of Hungry at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church.

Although the baptism service itself was another hour-long service following Sunday mass, I didn't mind.

I learned so many new things about the significance behind the procedures of the sacrament!  The priest was a well-spoken, highly intelligent man who gave our Wyatt and his special event the time and attention it deserved.

Father went on a few tangents, but I enjoyed them.  My favorite was his meditation on what Jesus said while hanging on the cross.

The Biblical account says that He looked down upon his mother and the beloved disciple (which Bible scholars believe to be St. John) and said to the disciple, "Behold your mother."

This was, as father explained, a call for St. John to care for Mary in her old age.  Father said that this gives us proof that Mary's husband St. Joseph had already passed away.  It also indicates that Jesus did not have any brothers or sisters, because--if he did--surely Mary would have gone to live with one of them.  And while some might argue that Jesus called His disciples "brothers," scholars of ancient Hebrew know that the language conventions were limited in use.  There were only general words for a male or female family member, and these were used loosely anyhow.  Fascinating stuff!

I had immense fun offering to be the "photographer" that day for Jen and Andrew, although--since I'm currently in the throes of editing 3,000 wedding photographs--I simply took all the photos with their Canon and surrendered all upon completion of the day.  No editing.  Hands clean.  Job done.  (I need to do this sort of thing more often!)

Unfortunately, though, this meant that I had no photographs to look back on when the day was over.  But, thankfully, a few people hooked me up the next day by texting pix to my phone.  Thanks Cindy, Rhonda, Dana, and Kate! 

After the little guy was baptized, we all went back to Jen and Andrew's house for a big celebration.

What a great day.  Welcome to God's family, sweet Wyatt!

Andrew's cousin Kate was the Godmother, and Michael's brother's Terry was the Godfather.  I love how Little Liam is holding his wooden cross proudly in this photo!

With my eyes always on Liam (except for the taking of this quick picture), I failed to notice that the man holding my son was not my husband!  Oops!

Wyatt sure has a lot of family who loves him!!

Freshly baptized!