Friday, November 29, 2013


God blessed me with the very best golden retriever to ever walk the face of this earth.  Macy's the most loyal, loving, gentle creature I've ever met.  There's no replacing her.  She's that never-to-be-repeated miracle-of-life that I always prayed for as a little girl.  She's my guardian angel in disguise.  And she's here, in all of her beauty, docility, and faithfulness.

This is how my girl wanted to spend a part of her Thanksgiving Day.  She took me outside, just the two of us.  She breathed in the cool air, rolled on the crunchy grass, and asked me to stay with her for a moment while she basked in the sunshine. 

And so I did.  Together we soaked up all the peaceful quiet in that cold November air, while the house was hot with people and plenty to eat.  It was a brief moment of reflection, of companionship, of thanksgiving.  It was a moment to savor again the bond that only she and I share, the bond that formed long before Michael or Liam entered our lives.

Macy is such a good second mother to my Liam.  Earlier today, when I let her out of the house so that she could go on the lawn, I noticed that she stayed on the porch and kept her eyes on the door, even though it was closed. 

And then I realized:  Liam was crawling back and forth to peek at her through the cut glass panels that frame the doorway.  And although they were just a blur to one another, Macy and Liam were looking at one another.  She was watching the little boy that she loves.  She was still mothering.

So I scooped up my boy, opened the door a crack, and assured her that he was safe in my arms and that I'd be watching him while she relaxed.  Now finally content, she hastened down off the porch and went to the lawn to do her business.

Oh, how I am thankful for her!