Tuesday, January 21, 2014

His First Snowman

Liam made his first snowman today!

We wanted to make something special for Daddy to see when he got home.

So, Liam contributed his blue hat to the cause, and he helped me find sticks in the backyard to use as arms.

With those waterproof mittens, though, Liam had to act as the foreman in this project, and I worked through the details, bringing pails of water outside to make the snow we packed more solid.

Finally, our creation was done.  Frosty had no corncob pipe but a carrot nose and two eyes made out of raisins.  :)

Our big snowstorm sent lots of people home early from work today, and we were thrilled to have Daddy join us for a late lunch.

I made a special zucchini pie to celebrate, and a hot meal for lunch today was greatly appreciated!  Daddy and son made puddles in the kichen as they thawed out by the heat of the oven!  :)

What a lovely January day.