Thursday, January 30, 2014

Our Light-Haired Little Boy

I never expected to have a light-haired little boy.

I just assumed, being dark-haired myself and married to a man with brown hair, that any of our children would be dark-hued themselves.

But, when I see this sweet little blonde boy, toddling and wobbling around on his wiggly legs, his blue little eyes beaming and glinting with flecks of gold and green -- I marvel that he is mine, that he is ours, that he is here at last for us to love and enjoy!

I eat him up every day, with my eyes and my mouth and my arms.  I can't get enough of our Liam the Lee, and I find myself feeling slightly sad when our time together must pause for things like naps and bedtime.  What a drag!

After a very long ride the other day, I bounced out of the car, telling Michael how eager I was for some Liam time!  It was time to wake him up, scoop him up, and make up for the lost time!