Monday, March 17, 2014

a confession.

OK, I'm ready to admit it.

Since I've given up Facebook, email, and texting for Lent, I eased up on something else. 

My former pledge to not be online at all during the day when Liam is awake has...temporarily gone on hold.  (Gasp!)

You see, Liam now has moments of independence throughout the day, where he truly doesn't want my involvement...and he just wants to do his own thing.

Like right now, for example. 

He's doing SSR, that beautiful past time of sustained silent reading.  It's probably because we just finished doing a St. Patrick's Day art project together (green finger paint and all!) and we just cleaned up after having a snack so...he's good.

So mama jumps at the chance to post pictures and blog as soon as she can.  :)

I leave you, now, with a blurry (but artistic, right?) photo of Liam at Story Time class this week.  So much fun, that parachute is!