Monday, March 17, 2014

Little Arthur Visits Us!

This weekend, we had an impromptu dinner party at our house.  Michael was amazing; he did all the cooking, table set-up, and clean-up!  We had Juliana and Greg over, along with their brand new puppy, little Arthur.

Our sweet Liam was captivated by Arthur, gently petting his soft fur and being the first to get Arthur out of his crate when dinner was over.  Prior to dinner, we all took Arthur for a walk around the neighborhood, and Arthur became so enthralled with Liam (or so tired of walking) that he asked to be placed on Liam's lap so that he, too, could enjoy the ride in the little blue car.  :)

A huge dog was barking at them from across the street.  A bit terrifying, when you're small!

What a great night with such great people.  Can't wait till we do it again!