Monday, March 24, 2014

A Rought Night.

Little Man tested Mama and Dada's patience last night.  I basically didn't sleep at all.  Michael had significant R.E.M. interruptions.  Both of us were zombies this morning.  I think our entire faces missed each other when we tried to kiss good-bye.  But I really can't remember.

To his credit, last night Little Man was pleasant but just would not sleep.  At Midnight, he woke me.  After offering breastmilk, water, buttered toast, banana slices, a new diaper, different pajamas, two more books, and lots of tickling (all of which he happily accepted) falling asleep was still...impossible.

It was impossible at 1 AM, 2 AM, and 3 AM.  In between those times, he was just a happy, wide-awake kid who was babbling and telling me things and showing me his favorite books.  And we were doing it all in the dark.

Cries and screams echoed throughout the house whenever I tried to put him down in the crib.  As it neared 4 AM and I reached my frustration point, I put him down (for the 40th time) and hid myself beneath a mound of blankets and pillows in the hopes of drowning out the sounds.

It didn't work.  But picking him up always did.

Befuttled, bewildered, and beguiled, Daddy and I brainstormed for 45 minutes during his morning commute.  We were searching for answers (and also for a way to keep Daddy awake during the drive).  What were we doing wrong?  Were we being too permissive?  Was this a growth spurt? Was this just a fluke?  Will we go back to the blissful bedtime routines that we've enjoyed in the last 3 months?

By the grace of God, Michael and I both got through our days on adrenaline (which Spring sunshine evokes), and Liam made up for it all with an afternoon siesta.

Finally, though, at 5 PM tonight, the cause of all this hoopla and hullabaloo revealed itself.  Little Man had a BRAND NEW TOOTH poking out, and it wasn't there this morning when I brushed his teeth!!  With joy, I called Daddy to celebrate his accomplishment.

Welcome, Tooth #7, to the World of Liam's Mouth.  You were hard work.