Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Psalm 127

I should pick up my Bible more often.

Marveling at how He speaks to us through it, this morning I am feeling incredibly reflective about all the crazy-beautiful things that have been happening lately.

Liam is sleeping in today, and this gift has allowed me to lay on our couch in the morning sunlight, looking at our church across the street and meditating with Morning Prayer. 

Through Psalm 127 is how He's been speaking to me lately.  Months ago, during a period of restlessness, He presented it to me during Daytime Prayer, its message powerfully relevant to our lives back then and even now.

On Saturday, I returned to it in my Christian Prayer book to meditate again on the message.  And later that evening, when Michael and I spontaneously turned to our Bible to see what God had for our sense of clarity, it appeared, just a few pages past where I had randomly opened it up.

The verses spoke to us about God's complete control over our lives, how all of our blessings come from Him and not ourselves, and how children are the best gift of all.

I hear a little man stirring.  Time to scoop up my beloved boy!  Have a blessed Wednesday.