Friday, March 07, 2014

My Little Sidekick

Oh my goodness, are we having fun! 

Liam is my constant companion and playmate, and there's nobody else I'd rather spend all day with.  When I think about the absolute privilege it is to be beside him every minute--helping him to grow and think and learn--I feel humbled, grateful, and mindful to not take any of this for granted.

Will I look back on this time and say that it was the absolute best season of my life?  It is extremely likely and very possible, although I dare not say it because our God does have a tendency to explode our minds with an abundance of His love for us.  Who knows what God holds for our future, but my goodness, can it get any better than this?!

The sweet little tender things that he does to show his affection and appreciation for me, for his Daddy, and for his grandparents are now becoming too numerous to write down.  The joyful, fascinating moments are too many to list!  And even the lip-curling sad-face tearful moments which lead Liam to soft places of comfort and understanding are precious moments lost in a sea of so many of them.

It pains me to not be archiving every single one of them, but if I did, I would be writing ALL DAY LONG, and my sweet Liam would be without his mother.  So, I remember what I can, storing up these beautiful memories in my mind and etching them onto my heart.  And I do know with certainty that when I am 90 and looking back on life, THIS treasure trove of memories I will pull from the Archives often.  Even when he's 60, he will be my baby boy -- and I will look at him in all of his manliness and still see my newborn babe, my crawling cutie, my wiggly toddler, and all the other phases of his life that I will savor as my favorite.

Here's a few photos from our week...

loving the color red

framing his original artwork

getting ready for the puppet show!

...and keeping Mama in suspense...

the man behind the curtain

a Friendly's outing with Daddy

tickles from Grandpa

Enjoying a visit with Grandma and Grandpa!  That pensive look is preparation for one of the biggest downloads he's made in his whole life!  We were seconds away from it happening when this photo was snapped.  :)

enjoying the snowfall...and Grandpa's scarf

The best $20 I've ever spent.  Thank you, IKEA!

Liam's breakfast menu

Today we enjoyed lunch together at HIS table!

Gotta little man has just awoken!