Friday, March 07, 2014

The Way He Thinks

I love the little glimpses I get into the way that Liam thinks.

The other day, I thought we'd review the color red.  But Liam was one step ahead of me.  He was ready to show me that he could group things by OTHER colors, even though I hadn't yet formally taught those names.  And so, as I sat there with my jaw dropped, he walked around the room, picked things up, and brought them over to me in meaningful, sorted groups.  These were the results:

It was an impressive feat, considering the fact that our living room floor was ABSOLUTELY COVERED with toys, all about the same size, since a few minutes earlier I had dumped our ottoman that was filled with them.  He could barely walk around the living room because there was no place to put his feet, but somehow he grabbed these, brought them over to me on the couch, and did it all within a minute or maybe two.

He had paired things together that matched, and even the plastic cookie, burger, and bun went together, for they were all brown circles.  Also surprising was the fact that I had TWO plastic slices of tomato because I was previously sure that I had only one.

Liam, your Mama is amazed.