Friday, March 21, 2014

The Interview That Will Never Happen

Imagine, for a moment, that I was super famous.  If I was, people would care about silly stuff, like my favorite color and why I chose a certain necklace on a given day.  That would be so awesome.  So, would you mind if we make-believe this evening?  Let's say I am famous, just for fun.

I apologize for putting my son in acid-wash elastic-waistband tapered-leg mom jeans.  But hey, they were free!

So let's get right down to it.  Pretend I'm famous.  Here's the exclusive interview you tuned in to watch.  :)

*    *    *

1. Last Spring, your favorite color was emerald.  What is it this year? 

Definitely sorbet.  Or call it sherbert.  In a lively coral color.  It's not a calm sorbet that you lick to cool off.  I like a fiery, spunky sorbet that heats things up.  I feel energized when I wear it.  Expect to see me in it a lot this season.  I only have one dress in this color, so I will basically wear it every Sunday for the next 6 months.  Don't worry; I promise to wash it between each wearing.

Check out the awesomeness in the upper right hand corner.  :)

2. What's your favorite fashion accessory these days?

Is it not obvious?  Statement necklaces!  I only have 3, but I love them to pieces.  As a good statement necklace should be, each one is a bit outrageous and over-the-top.  So much fun!

3. What are your greatest achievements in life so far?

Birthing and breastfeeding.  I never imaged that physical acts would be something for which I am most grateful, but it's true.  How quickly professional accomplishments and intellectual pursuits pale in comparison to giving life and sustenance to my son Liam.  And none of this would have been possible without my Michael!  Life began anew when these two entered my heart.  :)

4. What's the significance of the plain yellow gold bands on your right ring finger?

I made a promise to God regarding my devotion to Him, Michael, and Liam, I asked a priest to bless a thin, gold ring as a visual reminder for myself.  I love the simple, nuptial look of a plain gold band.  (The thicker band is just for fun.) Sometimes I take both off to allow my bridal set (and marriage vows!) to reign supreme on my fingers, but very often I'm wearing the thin gold band by itself to remind me of the additional pledge I made.  (And Michael has no idea about this, so please don't tell him.)

5. Do you have any irrational dreams?

Of course.  I'd like to spend all of our tax refund money on tickets to Rome to see the beatification of JP2 on April 27th.  I've already found the cheapest hotel rooms and the best flights, and I'm going to the post office on Monday to renew my passport and get Liam his first.  I'm sure we won't be going, but a girl can dream (and get ready, just in case).

6. A few months after your son Liam was born, your town consequently received the distinction of being the "Coolest Small Town in America" and was featured in many travel magazines and websites.  How do you shield this amazing child from the paparazzi?

We've taught him how to dodge cameras, except for Mommy's -- which he knows to smile at, most of the time.  He does wear sunglasses and a hat whenever we go out.  But he is very sociable.  Whenever possible, he waves and greets his fans. 

7. What's your favorite music genre?

Big band music from the 1940s!  I'm listening to Duke Ellington right now, in fact.  This type of music makes me feel SO HAPPY.  I have secret plans for a big discussion with Michael to make ourselves into a 1940s-style couple.  If he'd go for it, I'd be willing to throw out all of my clothes and replace them with vintage dresses.  Fat chance of him buying it, but when the time is right, I will make the pitch.

8. Tell us a funny factoid about you that most people would be surprised to know.

My husband and I enjoy switching it up every night and sleeping in a different bed.  After we brush our teeth, one of us asks the other, "Where do you feel like sleeping tonight?"  Sometimes we choose our upstairs bedroom; sometimes we choose the downstairs one.  We also alternate who sleeps on what side of the bed.  Once we make our choice, we both run for our iPhone power cords and set our alarms.  It's fun and silly and brings some variety to our week.  We wake up never quite sure of where we are!

9. This was fun.  Can we do this type of interview thing again?

Of course.  :)