Saturday, March 22, 2014

Interpreting the Results

This is Liam's potty chart.  And this is a typical week.  Now I'm not trying to brag; I'm just trying to interpret the results.  And since blogging = thinking for me, here we go.  :)

On first glance, it appears that Tuesday is his preferred day to use the adult potty.  But why would he have no interest in it at all on Thursdays and Fridays?  My mind began to ponder...

Then I began to realize that the chart tells more about ME than it does him!  Here's what I think is going on:

On Mondays, I'm usually tired from the weekend.  There's a pile of dishes in the sink and lots of stuff to clean up and put away.  So, I miss his signals that he's got to use the restroom.  :-(

On Tuesdays, I'm well-rested again, the house is reasonably tidy, and I'm an engaged mama once more.  I'm focused on him, I catch most of his signals, and he uses the adult potty frequently. :)

On Wednesdays, we're up and out to a class at the library and then we're over to Great Grandma's house.  So, I miss his signals.  :(

On Thursdays and Fridays, I'm doing the big prep for the weekend.  I do my grocery shopping, several loads of laundry, run errands, attempt to clean, and do lots of other odds and ends.  And so, I'm probably missing his signals again.  :-(

There's an improvement on Saturdays because Daddy's home with us.  Now there's TWO people to catch his signal that he needs to use the toilet.  But Daddy's delightful presence is still a distraction to both Mommy and Liam -- so the chances of any of the 3 of us noticing that the toilet is needed is still hindered.

Sundays are different.  Daddy sleeps in, we go to the latest possible mass, and we spend the day either lazing around or running around.  Either way, it's a good ol' fashioned family day until the late afternoon when Michael returns to his school work.  And we...miss his signals.

So, the grand conclusion is:  I need to learn to be more consistent in the use of my Powers of Observation.  And then that chart will fill up with stickers!