Sunday, April 27, 2014

5 Months and 2,000 Photographs Behind

Here I am!

Sorry for the HUGE DELAY in posting.  Oh, how I ache to share stories and pictures with you!  Oh, how I ache for a time of reflection!  Not blogging leaves me feeling quite unbalanced.

Sadly, I am about 5 months behind in telling you stories, and there's about 2,000 photographs that you have yet to hopefully see. 

Pray with me, dear reader, that God will grant me the free time to be able to write about these beautiful moments and share with you these beautiful pictures!  I fear that if life marches on too quickly and I don't get time to reflect, you'll never see or hear about these moments and they will cease to exist except in my heart.  Pray, pray, pray that this will not be the case!

The time between postings is a good measure of how often I get free time, I'm noticing; which, as you can see, is not that often!  And by "free time" I mean time where I can sit back and blog and not have a bouncing, adorable toddler to run after...or a husband desirous of my undivided attention.  :)

But I'm not complaining.  Michael will be done with his Spring semester class soon, which means he'll be available on the evenings and weekends now to help keep our little toddler happy and engaged.  This means that perhaps Mommy can scoot away into a quiet corner for some writing and reflection time!  Let's hope so.

The countdown to mid-May has officially begun!  Happy Divine Mercy Sunday, everyone.