Friday, April 11, 2014

A Picnic Lunch with Grandpa

Today we enjoyed a spontaneous picnic lunch with Grandpa!  Grandpa helped us to find the picnic table in our garage, and soon Mom filled it with a colorful, healthy lunch.

It was overcast when Grandpa first arrived, but before long, the sunshine came out and turned our bodies hot and our skin pink.  Summertime is on its way!

Liam wanted to sit beside Grandpa, of course.  And nibble off his plate.  And give him sideways hugs with sticky, strawberry jelly fingers.  Liam delighted in pointing out to Grandpa every noisy truck, car, and motorcycle that drove by. 

And when lunch was done, Liam and Grandpa were explorers in the backyard, picking up pine cones, twigs, and acorns while I cleaned up.

What a fantastic, blessed part of our afternoon.  Thank you for the visit, Grandpa!