Wednesday, April 09, 2014

A Visit to Addie's Clubhouse

This past weekend, we went to spend the day with Michael's sister Jennifer, her husband Andrew, and their two adorable kids, Addie and Wyatt. 

Mom and Dad Goddard were there, too, and we kept no plans except to eat Jen's delicious food and to enjoy one another's company.  So relaxing!

Aunt Jen and cousin Addie were baking chocolate chip cookies for us when we arrived, and Liam showed off his new walking legs, carrying himself rather quickly throughout the whole house.  Shiny, plastic toys beckoned him. 

Before long, Liam was digging through treasures in Addie's Clubhouse, a delightful hideout beneath the staircase, complete with low ceilings, interior lighting, and a small door that he enjoyed opening and closing and opening and closing.

Addie and I decided that the secret password for entering the Clubhouse that day should be "Lee;" or, really, it was to have the name Lee as your middle name.  This meant that Liam, Wyatt, and herself were allowed in, but I was not.  (Secretly, I knew that Uncle Mikey's middle name was Lee, so if we had to get in there, we could.)

Sometimes we played downstairs.  Sometimes we played upstairs.  And all the time, we kept Grandma on her toes.  :)

When the sun went down, the kids got in the bathtub for some scrub-a-dub fun.

And then it was into-warm-jammies and time-for-bed (or, in Liam's case, the car seat).

Thank you, family, for a great day together!