Sunday, April 06, 2014

Kid Transportation in Style

I love the options that are out there for kid transportation through a retail store.

This was Liam on Friday, zooming around in the gray race car we found outside of the Home Depot.  We took it through that hardware store, over to Office Max, and through Weis Markets.  And why not?  We had parked near the Home Depot, so I was sure to return the cart, once I had filled it with all of our errand pick-ups.

But panic set in when we were done our shopping.  Our boy was STUCK, completely adhered to the car by a tight seat belt that just would not come undone.  I tried, I tried, and I tried.  Then I began to wonder where the nearest pair of scissors was.  And Liam excitedly began to wonder if his ride in the gray race car would continue.

Finally, I figured out the hidden, extra-harness-safety-button-latch-thingamabob, and he was free.