Friday, April 04, 2014

Liam's First Haircut

Liam had his first official haircut at 18 months old!  True, his Daddy did trim around his ears this past Christmas (and I saved those cute little curls), but now our boy was ready for the REAL barber.

Grandpa met us at Gee Gee's Cuts, a place that specializes in children.  For $14, they said we'd get time in their playroom, a chance to watch a DVD, a temporary tattoo, a balloon, and a certificate.  Sounded awesome to me!

Liam played with the train set in the lobby first.  Then he had his choice of a race car, train, or motorcycle to sit on while having his hair cut.  But, as you might imagine, Liam chose Grandpa above everything else!  So onto his lap he went.

But the nice thing about Liam is that he gave ALL of us a chance to sit in the chair and have him on our laps.  After Grandpa, it was Daddy's turn, and then it was Mommy's.  Grandma was at Great Grandma's house on the iPad, checking for photo updates coming from Grandpa's iPod.  It was almost as if she was there with us!

Our boy didn't cry until it was time to leave.  We absolutely loved Miss Angie's gentleness and flexibility.  How she managed to give him such a great cut despite his constant wiggles is impressive!  She even carried a plastic bag on her hip so that she could stash cute curls into it for our memory book.

After getting his new clean-cut look, Liam enjoyed some time in the playroom -- and I helped him leave his mark on the magnetic chalkboard, smiling to myself as I realized that all four letters are mathematical.  ("L" and "M" are Roman Numeral values; and, of course, you recognize the division sign and inequality sign.)

What a memorable, beautiful afternoon.  I wonder how long it will be before we have to go back again!  At least I know that Liam won't mind.  :)