Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Loafing Around

The other day, I rounded the corner into the kitchen and found this:

Oops.  Our boy had tried to help himself to a slice of bread.  Instead, he got the whole loaf.

I forget that Liam's a tall beanstalk now, so he can grab anything he sees on the counter or table.  As I stood there--awe-struck by surprise and overwhelmed by how much I love him, even when his boyish messes are inconvenient--he began to sample the slices, happily taking only one tiny bite out of each.  Would they all taste the same?  He was experimenting.

In his defense, I had carelessly not bothered to seal the bag closed with a twist tie.  I just folded it under, a definite no-no when you've got a tall, hungry toddler in the house.

I saved what I could (these being the few slices that were not touching the floor), and then we put the rest in a bag by the door for our next trip to the park.  The ducks would be happy.  :)