Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Rainy Day Reflections

Happy Wednesday, everyone.   It's one of those rainy days, and I have to admit that Liam and I have been downright lazy today.

We both wore our pajamas straight through to lunch, and we spent most of our morning cuddled under blankets on the couch.  We read books, played with cars, watched Sesame Street, and snacked on crackers.  Liam drank orange juice to fight off his little cold, and I curled up with a hot cup of tea sweetened with honey.  And we watched the rain drops out the window.  What could be better?

Rainy days call for a slow, drawn-out start and even warrant the cancellation of all errands-running.  I didn't turn on the living room lights for some reason, and so we just sat here, happy to be basking in the peaceful hue of an overcast day.

After lunch and a hot bath, Liam's now snuggled under blankets in his crib, wearing a new pair of jammies and taking his afternoon nap.  Ah, bliss.