Saturday, May 17, 2014

Our Guys and Our Clothes

In middle school, I remember my BFF Trisha giving me handwritten notes that were literally 20 pages long.  She'd fill those pages with colorful, bubbly letters written in purple or pink pen, telling me all about the only things we ever cared about: guys and fashion trends!

And then in high school, it was my BFF Jamie and I who would spend half the night getting ready to go out, comparing and contrasting clothing and outfits and accessories and guys.  These were the only things that seemed to matter to us!

In college, it was the same thing.  Getting ready, swapping clothes, borrowing shoes, lending jewelry.  And we did it all while talking (or IMing about)--you guessed it--guys.

And now, just a few days before my 35th birthday, you'd think that things would be different.  You'd think I'd be mature or a tad bit more grown up.

But nope!  I'm still exchanging long notes with my BFF (only it's Britta and texting now!) and we're still talking about fashion and the guys that we love (my Michael and her Steve).

These are the pictures she sent me tonight, asking me to help pick out her outfit for mass tomorrow.  I smile, happy to see that little has changed.  :)

Just wait till we get to my elderly stage!  The decisions we'll be making then will be things like "Walker Option 1" versus "Wheelchair Option 2!"  And I sure hope we'll still be wearing statement necklaces then!  :)