Thursday, September 18, 2014

Getting Out, But in Another Way

So I never made it out last Thursday.  And I won't be getting out tonight.  My responsibilities here at home are just too important.  Blogging, it seems, will have to keep waiting.

It's just the way of things, I suppose, and I must learn not to complain.  Rather, I must see what's in front of me right now -- and know how very blessed I am.

And this is what I see:

Over my growing baby bump, I see our little boy and all his yard toys, which are steadily coming out of our garage and filling up our yard.  We've been out here for over two hours, soaking up the season's last rays of warm sunshine and chasing each other on the lawn.  And now I've sat down on my beach chair to rest...and to capture this moment, at least.

Happy day, everyone.