Monday, August 25, 2008

Proper Dates, Porcelin Tubs, & Pineapple Caps

Tonight I actually went out on a proper date with a boy I gave my number to on Friday night. Phil was a very sweet guy, and he suggested Carrabba's, where his brother (who I had also met on Friday night) was conveniently our waiter.

The food was delicious! He actually picked up the tab (an uncommon gesture by the boys in Lisa Land), and we sat there talking for at least 3 hours. He's my age (finally!) but lives 3 hours away in rural Pennsylvania (darn!), and in December he'll graduate with a financial degree to be an "actualist" (or at least that is what I think he called the person who determines the accepted value amount for a claim) for an insurance company which will hopefully be in Philly, his location of choice.

After saying good-bye to Phil with the possibility of seeing him again next month when he is back in town, I listened to a voice mail from Theresa, called her back, and spontaneously accepted her invitation to come over.

Since it was such a beautiful, starlit night, she, her father, and her brother Jay were eating their dinner out on the back patio, and so I sat with them until it was time for Theresa and I to run inside and check my eBay account.

First, I should give you the background on this story. Last week, I had mentioned to my friend Andy that I liked antique clawfoot tubs, and I questioned him about whether or not it would be completely ridiculous to bring one into my apartment, put it at the foot of my bed (where normal girls would keep their hope chest), and artfully store in it rolled-up towels, folded washcloths, and extra blankets and pillows. But such beds of porcelain are expensive and nearly impossible to come by, unless one is willing to methodically hunt through many antique shops with a willingness to fork over anywhere between $300 to $1,000 a piece.

What I didn't expect is that (WITHOUT consulting me!!!) he would go and place a $5.00 bid on one that was for sale just 20 miles from my house, with the caveat of "for pick up only." What was also unexpected was that he had thought ahead, and already he had planned for the use of a van, a hand truck / dolly, holding straps, and some 2x4 wooden planks (to lay as a ramp on my staircase). In short, he had planned to use all the same equipment that his company (a bakery he is part owner of) used when moving their refrigerators off-site for special events. Incredible!

And so yesterday afternoon, I learned all this...and was AMAZED at the unwarranted and continual thoughtfulness of my dear friend!

And so tonight, the auction was about to end, and--like two children on Christmas Eve--Theresa and I were glued to her computer screen to see if Andy would indeed win it for just $5.00. And he did! I called him right away to thank him. So this week will prove to be adventurous as we try to get it in my apartment!

After that, Theresa and I took a flashlight and decided to go on a walk through her beautiful neighborhood. The weather was PERFECT for an evening stroll like that!

When we got back, Jay suggested that we all get into the pool, and so Theresa let me wear one of her bathing suits -- and in we went to have a marvelous time! Next time I swim in her pool, it sure would be nice to wear one of these fashionable pineapple caps! So 1950s! Hahaha. But I was indeed another fruit when I got out of the pool at 1 AM: a raisin! :-)

Tonight, as I get into my pajamas and prepare to sleep in tomorrow, I am thankful for this exciting day (and all the unexpected happenings in it), and my heart goes out to all the precious children who start their first day of the new school year tomorrow. Those poor things! And yet next week it will be my turn....