Sunday, September 28, 2008

Many False Starts, One Great Ending

Today was a day of many false starts.

False Start #1: My phone woke me up early, reminding me to call my life insurance company to declare a beneficiary and to put new soil in the pretty blue pot that my little tree is in outside. But I, of course, snoozed.

False Start #2: My planner was telling me that I ought to be headed East to visit Jamie, but since I hadn't heard from her this week about whether or not she could even hang out, I had gone and made other plans. But she contacted me anyhow, and while I was delighted because I surely wanted to see her, I felt boxed in by subsequent plans that I had made. Jamie was understanding as always and we promptly rescheduled for October 11.

False Start #3: So then I thought that I was going to meet up with my college roommate Jalinn and her beau Barry to see their new baby boy. But the rain made the Ephrata Fair a washout, and although I spent the afternoon cleaning my apartment expecting their arrival, they had early afternoon dinner plans (which I didn't realize), and so our rendezvous never happened.

False Start #4: Nate had suggested we spend the afternoon together (suggesting a place to eat and even bowling), but when he got an invitation to hang out with his cousin, he took that instead and effectively stood me up (under the guise of miscommunication).

False Start #5: Lija, Jackie, Lexi and I went to visit our friend Lori in the hopes of having her join us at Stoudt's Brewery Beer Fest tonight. And while we did have a lot of fun hanging out with her, she unfortunately declined.

False Start #6: But because we had spent at least an hour hanging out at Lori's, we missed the Beer Fest! Can you believe it?! We showed up at 9:30, thinking we'd be arriving at the perfect time to partake in the food and spirits. No dice. Everyone had cleaned up and gone home!

The Great Ending: So we drove to the Lancaster Dispensing Company, ate delicious entrees, took plenty of silly photographs, enjoyed a great band and befriended the lead singer (who gave me his contact info with the promise to give me a free CD), and then we finished our night by going out to dance to hip hop. And that was the cherry on top. :-)