Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Kindred Spirit

I forgot to tell you that somewhere in between False Start #3 and #4, I spoke to the girl I call my "kindred spirit" (yes, just like in Anne of Green Gables!), my dear friend Rebecca.

Somehow she always sees right through me, and so it took only a few minutes before I was sobbing and sharing my deepest worries and fears with her.

It was the usual stuff for me: Will I ever find my husband? What if I never have children? Since I have no siblings, who will drive me to the doctor when I'm old? These are my fears, and they only come out when I am at my worst, and the very rainy weather today was a catalyst for my ever-flowing tears.

I probably feel comfortable collapsing emotionally around Becky because I know she's got the strength to pick me up and steady me with just the right words from the Bible. She's a recent convert to the Catholic Church, but her faith has always been exceptionally bright to me. She even said that if all else fails, I could spend my twilight years growing old in her house with her husband and my Godson. God bless her, and I thank Him for putting her in my life!